Eating Healthy On A Budget

A Little Homework Saves You Big Time

Eating healthy on a budget is really essential in this day and time, with so many choices eating nutritious foods for reasonable price is what most of us need to know. One of the best ways to budget is to shop only twice a month with weekly visits for only perishables. Impulse buying can be a real problem for most of us. Learn more details from NHS Heroes

When we go to the grocery store unplanned most of us will spend about 15% more than a planned visit. Making a list and sticking with in it is needed for staying on a budget. Smart menu planning is about identifying ingredients that can make repeat appearances. Choose three to four star meals; build supporting dinners, lunches around them, using leftover ingredients in salads or pastas.

Cash Is King

If you set aside 15% of your weekly salary for groceries and pay with cash, this trick will help you save close $700.00 a year, shopping with cash only will save approximately 35% each trip. It is psychologically more difficult to hand over cash than to use and easy credit card.

Shop with a plan and only stay thirty to forty minutes, so your impulse buying does not start to kick in. Always go to the grocery store with a full tummy or you will really over buy. Try not to hold real and interact with a product to long or your reaction to it will be to buy it (impulse buy).

Have a plan and work your plan
Advance planning for meals with key supporting meals in mind will save hundreds per year
Stay only 30-40 minutes twice per month
Using Cash will help you stay on budget
Sales can be your best resource
When to Buy On Sale, go Ahead and Freeze

Try tracking prices of staples to see which stores offer competitive prices. Buying meat like chicken or fish when on sale can save up to $2.00 per pound, so stock up and divide into meal-size portions.

Buying dry goods can be attained by sale shopping through several stores near by and pharmacies as well. Mark all your frozen goods with a date and only freeze for about three months at a time other wise you will notice freezer burn.

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